Free Rental Analysis

Get an idea of what other similar properties in your neighborhood are renting for.

Competitive Rates & Fees

No hidden cost, and we don’t nickel and dime our landlords for maintenance, accounting or special requests.

No Maintenance Coordination Fee

Graystone Property Management does not charge miscellaneous fees to coordinate general repairs.

No Lease Renewal Fee

Where most property management companies will charge an average of $250 – $500 if a tenant renews their lease, Graystone Property Management will renew leases free of charge.

Tenant Screening Process

We PROTECT you by screening prospective tenants and renting only to the most qualified. Applicants are evaluated based on their credit, criminal history, employment, current & prior landlord verification and prior eviction history.

No Advertising Fee

We do not charge extra fees for online advertising and marketing. Between a series of strong search engine marketing campaigns and an aggressive Craigslist advertising schedule, having a property rented within 2-3 weeks is most typical.

From renting your property, screening applicants, dealing with tenants and property maintenance, and all that goes with being a landlord, we will bring our expertise and years of property management experience to you and your rental property, and all at a competitive price.